2019 Native Art Market in New York

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

2019 Native Art Market in New York
Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8, 2019, 10 AM – 5 PM
Member’s preview party: Friday, December 6, 2019

The museum’s annual Native Art Market features more than 35 Indigenous artists from across the Western Hemisphere.A wide selection of traditional and contemporary handcrafted artworks, including jewelry, fine apparel, beadwork, pottery, dolls, prints, and sculpture, will be available for purchase.

Allen Aragon (Navajo), mixed media • Melesio Benally (Navajo), jewelry • Peter Boome (Upper Skagit), mixed media • Aaron Brokeshoulder (Choctaw/ Shawnee/Kewa), jewelry • Franklin A. Carrillo (Laguna Pueblo/Choctaw), jewelry • Teri Cajero (Jemez Pueblo), pottery • Ric Charlie (Navajo), jewelry • Jared James Chavez (San Felipe Pueblo), jewelry • Makwesa Chimerica (Hopi), sculpture • Aric Chopito (Pueblo of Zuni), textiles • Kelly Church (Gun Lake Pottawatomi/Ottawa), basketry • James Fendenheim (Tohono O’odham), jewelry • Ronni-Leigh and Stonehorse Goeman (Onondaga-Seneca), basketry • Dorothy Grant (Haida), textiles & attire • Tahnee M. Growingthunder (Kiowa), beadwork • Brenda Hill (Tuscarora), pottery • KarenLyne Hill (Onondaga Nation), beadwork • Jimmie Harrison (Diné [Navajo]), jewelry • Elizabeth James-Perry (Aquinnah Wampanoag), jewelry • Milton Laughing (Navajo), textiles • Glenda Loretto (Jemez), jewelry • Jovanna Poblano (Zuni Tribe), sculpture • Veronica Poblano (Zuni Tribe), jewelry • Ken J. Romero (Taos/Laguna Pueblo), jewelry • Alisha Sanchez (Acoma Pueblo), pottery • Charlene Sanchez Reano (San Felipe Pueblo), jewelry • Kateri Sanchez (Zuni/Acoma), sculpture • Ray Scott-Táá’iitsohíí (Diné [Navajo]), jewelry • Lyle Secatero (Navajo), jewelry • Debbie Joe Silversmith (Navajo), jewelry • Naomi Lynn Smith (Chippewas of Nawash), beadwork • Corey Stein (Tlingit), beadwork • Shannon R. Stevens (Laguna Pueblo/Hopi), photography • John Whiterock (Diné), pottery • Monte Owen Yellow Bird Sr. (Arikara/Hidatsa), mixed media • Jennifer R. Younger (Tlingit), jewelry.Click Here to Visit Museum’s Website

Venue American Indian Museum Heye Center
Event Location 1st Floor, Diker Pavilion
Cost Free

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